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Q. What is Ubster ?

A. Play music and even watch video clip with Ubster. You get the richness of Youtube and the rarity of Soundcloud.

Q. Where do I start with Ubster ?

A. Start with browsing Ubster and discover incredible amount of content. Feel free to sign up to unlock hidden feature and tool.

Q. How to join Ubster ?

A. We managed to pack the Sign up and Sign in form in the same page so it’s easy to connect with the music of your life.

Q. What happen if I forgot my password ?

A. Just click the question mark button to recover your password in a row.

Q. What is the default library ?

A. The Ubster library is like no other. Experience a new feature which group all the medias you own in one single page.

Q. How many songs can I store ?

A. Ubster come with an optimized system to include several playlists for every users. So you get incredibly space for all your medias.* * Up to 50 playlists of 200 medias per account.

Q. Can I listen to my playlists offline ?

A. Ubster is a music streaming platform. As it come you can download content only when it’s allowed by the owner.

Q. What is the bookmarklet ?

A. The beautiful Ubster bookmarklet allow every user to quickly add a song in their playlist.

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Q. Can I rename an artist and a song ?

A. Double click on an artist or a song in your playlist and rename in the right form.

Q. Can I create collaborative playlist ?

A. You can rebound anyone.

Q. Can I download music on Ubster ?

A. Yes, some song are available for download.

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Q. Can I listen my music on mobile ?

A. Ubster released an iPhone Application available in the App Store.

Q. How to share my feedbacks with the team ?

A. Drop us a line at contact [at] ubster [dot] com.